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Student Assessment & Information Team (SAIT) Pronounced "Say-It"

To submit a report to the SAIT, click here

Mission Statement

The mission of Highline College's SAIT is to balance safety and support on campus by promoting the health and safety of the campus community through coordination of informatoin and the development of support plans for people of concern.


The purpose of the SAIT is to serve as the coordinating hub of a network of existing resources, focused on prevention and early intervention in campus community situations involving members experiencing distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors.  The Team will develop intervention and support strategies and offer case coordination.  This team will regularly review and assess these situations and recommend actions in accord with existing college policies.


  • Receive, review and catalogue information about community concerns regarding student behavior

  • Perform initial assessment of risk and refer cases to offices and officials as needed for additional assessment and intervention

  • Develop specific strategies to manage potentially harmful or disruptive behavior to protect the safety and rights of both the individual and the college community

  • Make recommendations to the College's Emergency Response Team on appropriate actions consistent with campus policies and procedures

  • Engage in ongoing refinement of Team procedures and protocols to foster optimal Team functioning and interface with the College community

  • Identify College policy and procedural issues warranting further examination and refer such matters to appropriate administrators or law enforcement

What Happens When You Report

The same form is used for Academic Dishonesty, Student Code of Conduct Violation Reports, and SAIT Reports.  Complete the online reporting form, which is available here, on the Thundernet homepage, or at

The appropriate office will be notified when a report is submitted.  You will receive a confirmation that the report was received within 48 hours.  The SAIT members meet weekly to discuss ongoing cases, and you will receive a follow-up from one of the SAIT members as soon as possible with recommendations, questions, or updates about the report.  The report will be filed in the SAIT database to track patterns that may emerge.  Depending on the behaviors and context, actions will be recommended in consultation with you and upon the recommendation of SAIT members utilizing the NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool (National Behavior Intervention Team Association, 2014).

When to Report**

  • When a student's behavior causes concern or worry about he safety of themselves or others

  • When you notice a pattern of behavior that may deviate from normal behavior of that student, and you are unsure about what resourdes or referrals to make

  • When a student's behavior does not rise to the level of violating the Student Code of Conduct, but you feel it's worth reporting

  • When you want a prompt and appropriate multi-disciplinary, multi-expert perspective on a situation about a student's behavior(s)

  • See "Yellow Flags, Warning Signs, and Indicators"

**For life-threatening emergencies or urgent situatons that require immediate attention, always call 911 and Public Safety at extention 3218.

Consultants for your Support and Guidance

Please contact any of our SAIT members if you have questions about a situation or sudent's behavior.  We are here to help!

SAIT Members

David Menke, Public Safety
Dr. Gloria Rose Koepping, Counseling Psychologist  
Ay Saechao, Associate Dean for Student Development, Retention and Conduct  
Vince Sanchez, Program Assistant, Counseling  


Got questions about how to submit a SAIT, Academic Dishonesty or Student Conduct Report?
Call the Office of Student Conduct at 206.592.3949.

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