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Student Rights and Responsibilities Conduct and Mediation Process


  • Student Rights & Responsibilities (SR&R) Code WAC 132I-120: a legal document that describes college expectations, students' rights, and outlines the process for resolving disciplinary matters and Code violations.
    (See the complete code online)
  • Judicial Affairs: administered through the Office of the Vice President for Student Services, who also serves as the Chief Student Affairs Officer. Administrators adjudicate complaints against Highline students or staff when the complaint involves a violation of the SR&R code.
    (See Judicial Affairs brochure for more information and Judicial Statistics at Highline.)
  • Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT):  creates action plans for individuals who display disturbing or potentially threatening behavior and offers suggestions on how to manage the behavior or student crisis.  Any campus community member may refer an individual to the BAT.  (For more information, see the BAT website.)
  • FERPA - Students at Highline College have certain rights regarding their educational records  (See details.)

View a flowchart of the SR&R Conduct and Mediation Process here.

Filing an SR&R Code violation report

  • Conduct Incident Report ~ Word   PDF
  • Report of Academic Dishonesty ~ Word   PDF
  • Behavioral Assessment Incident Report ~ Word   PDF

Send completed forms and any supporting documentation via email to  Copy and  OR send via intercampus mail to JUDICIAL OFFICE at MS 6-11.

For questions pertaining to the SR&R Code or how to fill out and file a report, please contact the Office of Judicial Affairs at or (206) 592-3077 or (206) 592-3351.  

Filing non- SR&R complaints

The following are NOT handled through the Judicial Affairs/Vice President for Student Services Office.

A helpful guidebook on Working with Students in Distress