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Academic Suspension

If your quarterly and overall cumulative GPA are below the 2.0 minimum requirement for good academic standing, and you have been notified that you are eligible for a one-year academic suspension, you have two choices.  You may choose to withdraw your attendance from Highline College for four quarters (1 year) following the quarter you became eligible for suspension, OR you may choose to appeal to the Scholastic Review Committee.

The deadline to submit your appeal if you would like to attend fall quarter, 2018 is 12:00 noon on Monday, September 17, 2018.

Please note that appeals will not be accepted after the deadline.

If you choose to appeal to the Scholastic Review Committee, you must:

  1. Complete the appeal form.  Click here to access a fillable PDF form (do not use Firefox!).  Complete the form, save it to your computer or a flash drive and then print the form. 
  2. Bring 5 copies of the form with you to your meeting with the Scholastic Review Committee.
  3. Access the Academic Suspension YouCanBookMe calendar, and select an appointment time to meet with the committee.  Your meeting with the committee will last approximately twenty minutes.  If you are currently registered for classes for the upcoming quarter, be sure to attend your classes so that if your appeal is approved, you will not have missed any class sessions.
  4. Check in 10 minutes before your scheduled meeting time in building 6, room 226 to find out your meeting room location.
  5. If your appeal is denied, or if you fail to attend your meeting or choose not to appeal, you will be administratively withdrawn from any classes you may be registered for next quarter(s).  You may return to Highline one year following your suspension and you will not be required to appeal again at that time.
  6. If you have any questions, please email

Academic Suspension Appeal Form     (Fillable PDF - Do Not Use Firefox!)

Academic Suspension YouCanBookMe Calendar

Academic Standards


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